Mail Accelerator is the new way to send and receive file attachments of ANY size regardless of the sender’s or recipient’s mailbox limits.

The new Mail Accelerator is now available for Beta tests, Download the FREE Trial NOW!

Mail Accelerator FREE Trial package allows you to send file attachments of up to 10 MB

Beta Version

Mail Accelerator allows faster and more convenient file transmission.
Send/Receive file attachments between any e-mail accounts whether they are application based (i.e., Outlook®) or web-based (i.e., Hotmail®).

Send and receive files of any size
Deliver files between all e-mail accounts - application or web-based
No more Mailbox or Attachment size limits
No more lengthy delays during the 'Send/Receive' process
Download e-mail attachments faster*
Download e-mail attachments with pause and resume capability*
  * For recipients who use DAP
 Operating System  Mail Accelerator Plug-in
 Windows® 98 | ME | 2K | XP | NT4
 Microsoft Outlook®
   Microsoft Outlook Express®
 Mail Accelerator Free Trial  Mail Accelerator application
  Mail Accelerator FREE Trial package allows you to send file attachment of up to 10 MB
 Any Web-based E-mail service
 Any E-mail application
 Any Instant Messaging application
How to use Mail Accelerator
 Don't worry about your recipient(s)
   mailbox size limits
 Send files to any e-mail account
   including web-based (i.e. Hotmail®)
 Make it much easier for recipient
   to receive large files from you
 Recipient will only receive a text
   message with a download link
 No more files in your 'Sent Items',
   only lightweight text messages
 Receive files of any size,
   regardless of your mailbox limits
 No more large attachments
   blocking your e-mail account
 Only you decide If and When to
   receive an attachment
 Download files with
   acceleration and resume (DAP users)
 Forwarding the file to others,
   by simply sending the link

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