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    Do you find the Mail Accelerator a useful product?

Yes, it allows me to send large files that I could not send before

Yes, it allows me to send email attachments to recipients that could not receive them before

Yes, both answers above apply

No, I could not find real value in using Mail Accelerator

    What is the average number of recipients on an email you send with Mail Accelerator ?

1-2 Recipients

3-5 Recipients

5-10 Recipients

Over 10 Recipients


What is the average total size of files you attach to an email sent with Mail Accelerator ?


Less than 1 MB of files

1-5 MB of files

5-15 MB of files

Over 15 MB of files


What is the average number of emails you are intend to send, each week, with Mail Accelerator ?


1-2 emails a week

3-5 emails a week

5-10 emails a week

Over 10 emails a week

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