Tutorial > Mail Accelerator for Outlook > Attach File(s)

Open Mail Accelerator account

Change Account

Attach File(s)


  New Mail  

Click on the 'New Mail' icon or ‘File>New Mail Message’

  Attaching File(s)

Enter the recipient(s) name(s) in the “To” address field.
Type the text you wish your recipient to receive. Then click on the Mail Accelerator button to choose the file(s) you wish to send.

  Choosing the File(s)

Browse and choose the file(s) you wish to send.

Uploading Process

After pressing the 'Send' button, the upload icon will appear in the system tray.
It will be animated until the upload process is completed.
Your recipient(s) will receive your e-mail with the link to the file(s) you selected.